Tuesday, December 7, 2010

So close I can taste it

After tomorrow's final ends at 1:00pm, I will declare FREEEEEEDOM (a la Mel Gibson) from Braveheart.

The more likely thing that will happen is me just crying in pure relief. This first semester of law school has been quite the ride. I seriously don't know how to sum it up yet...maybe I'll know how I feel about the whole thing after that last Civil Procedure final.

God, I cannot wait to get drunk.

PS: My lovely cousin Jacinta is home for the holidays from Grenada (she has just finished her first semester of med school)! I can't wait to see my tiger-twin!

Obviously I am the retarded twin.

One last time, wish me luck!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cooked in your own juices...

I went a little crazy last night after my Real Property final (thing was a beast). So, I am now sitting in my bed, nursing a vicious hangover, internet surfing and gchatting. This video came recommended from a friend and it's hilarious. I love Steve Coogan and I love impressions. I'm feeling better already!

Once I get all better, I gotta hit the books again. Two finals down and two to go! Wish me luck!