Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Big 1-0.

(Left: 2004, working as stagehands for the Clayton Co. production of "Wizard of Oz." Right: 2014, getting amped up for Jimmy Fallon at the Cobb Energy Centre)

Today is me and Max's ten year anniversary! The day we got together feels like a million years ago and just yesterday at the same time. It's really insane how time really does just fly by.

Here's a list of some fun things regarding the early days of our ten-year courtship:
  1. We used to talk to each other on landlines! His mom would occasionally pick up on another line in the middle of our conversations to ask Max a quick question about dinner. This was hilarious to me, but it infuriated him to no end.
  2. Max had just turned 16 and gotten his driver's license and I was just two months shy of my 18th birthday. We were babies, essentially.
  3. Max was working at the Barnes and Nobles on Mt. Zion Rd. He had originally applied for the job because he heard somewhere once that I liked going in there to just read and sniff the books. 
  4. We both wore bootcut-style jeans. *Shudders.*
  5. I remember us being super excited for the premiere of "Batman Begins" the following summer. I mean, just WHO is this Christian Bale character that's about to play our favorite comic book hero of all time?!
  6. We did not go on a date with just the two of us until about six months after we became "official" on Valentine's Day, 2005. My mom was really strict and insisted that either my sister or our friend, Sean, be around us at all times.
  7. Neither of us had a facebook account when we first got together.
  8. But, we did both have LiveJournal accounts!
  9. Max drove a giant, blue minivan that smelled terrible because his mom once left a gallon of milk in it and the container exploded under the hot, Georgia sun. Also, as a stroke of bad luck, the passenger side window (where I sat) would not roll down.
  10. Taco Bell was our JAM; we'd go after school, after movie dates at AMC 24, after tennis games at Atlanta Beach, etc. Now, we just drive by each location with mixed feelings of nausea and nostalgia. 
Cheers to ten more years laughing until I can't breathe, competing celebrity impressions and accents, and straight up good lovin'. Here's to the next ten!