Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oh PHO sho!

Just grabbed some lunch with Mollie at VN Pho on Jonesboro Rd (3 minutes from where I work). We both ordered beef pho, but we seasoned our respective bowls so differently. She piled on the sriracha sauce and bean sprouts while I put in an obscene amount of thai basil and just a dash of hoisin sauce. Isn't it kinda cool that two people can order the exact same dish but have two entirely different eating experiences? I dunno... seems interesting to me.

In other non-food-related news, I am super excited about the AA Flea Market event at Atlantic Station tomorrow! Best believe I'll be up bright and early, ready to throw some bows on these bitches! Those over-priced-but-ridiculously-comfortable basic knits are MINE!

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