Monday, July 18, 2011


Max and his zambaione gelato
Striacciatella gelato from Paolo's!

Yesterday Max and I went on a thrift store raid and scored some some awesome books and DVDs. For once, it wasn't excruciatingly hot in ATL, so we also went to the Virginia Highlands part of town and did some exploring on foot. That's pretty much it. We were thinking about going to see Harry Potter 7.2, but we decided that it would still be a madhouse, being that it was opening weekend and all.

If you didn't know this about us, we're real sticklers about a movie theater being quiet while we watch movies, which is reasonable enough, right? I hate it when people laugh at stupid stuff in movies, like when a character trips over something. It's not that it's NOT funny (it really isn't), it's just that scenes like that don't usually warrant laughing out loud. Does that make sense? Doesn't matter, just shut your ass up already, damn!

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