Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tired of saying 'I'm tired'

Ah, I'm so bummed that I let a whole month go without writing a lil' sum' sum' on here. I've been pretty busy with work, trying to crush my FitBit and just being a social butterfly every weekend. All of it always leaves me pretty tired by the end of the day...

BUT, no more! No more saying how tired I am, that is. I once read on adultingblog.com (Love this blog) that telling people how tired you are, true or not, is really annoying. EVERYONE gets tired and no one wants to hear about how tired you are, specifically. After reading this bit of advice, I started to notice just how much I'm always saying "I'm soo tired" to my friends and family, which is all of the damn time. Kind of a buzzkill, really.

I've been trying my best to replace "I'm tired" with other things to talk about and I can honestly say, it really makes for more sparkling conversation. When I want to start talking about how tired I am, I instead ask the person I'm talking to questions about their day, what was the last movie they saw, etc. Or, I'll talk about all the things I'll do once I leave work or get home to relax. It's a small change, but way better than sounding exasperated and exclaiming to everyone how "tired" I am. Speaking of which, I can't wait to get home to make a smoothie, listen to the rainstorm for a while and then catch up on some Walking Dead. ;)

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