Friday, January 9, 2015

2014 New York Trip

Late last year, I tagged along on a trip to New York with Thao. She had two interviews for Medical programs: one in the Hamptons and the other in Queens. We spent five days exploring the different boroughs and taking in all of the typical tourist attractions (but, we still haven't been to the Empire State building or seen the Statue of Liberty!). Throughout our trip, we took video clips here and there, intending to make a video of our travel when we got back home. I had to edit down nearly an hour's worth of short clips, learn how to seamlessly loop a song to lengthen it's running time (still not great), and fuss with resolution to enable uploading onto YouTube. I worked in inconsistents spurts throughout the holidays, so all in all, it took me nearly a month to get the video done. Here's the final product. Enjoy!

I know the quality of the video leaves much to be desired, but overall, I'm satisfied with how it turned out. Honestly, I was getting so sick and tired with editing it, I was happy to just be done with the whole thing. But still, I should probably invest in a good camera at some point.

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