Friday, May 14, 2010

She's only happy in the sun

This picture in Elle reminds me of how much I love and miss summer always. Such a cool pic of Ambrosio, right?

The 3 best things about summer:

1. Wedding Season

I'll be going to three different ones this summer and one of them will be in Vegas (SAY WHAAAT!?!?). If you want to know why weddings are so awesome, go watch Wedding Crashers and get educated.

2. Graduation Season

People all over the place got they degree! Time to get slizzurd before we all have to grow up officially! My sister just graduated and it's going to be a week-long celebration starting tonight!

3. Tanning

Ask anyone who knows me, all I ever think about is being golden. I whine about it in the winter and I obsess about it in the summer. Unless you are like my lovely friends Heather and Sa, who look amazing pale, go get some color, whether it be by soaking up hazardous UV rays or using safe self-tanners. I do the former.

There are waaay too many things to list that makes summer time awesome, so I won't get into it. But let me tell you, gettin' it crunk in Hotlanta is the way to go every year. Here's to summa-summa time!

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