Saturday, November 6, 2010

This is what I really want to be doing...

Photo by David Mushegain

...but instead, I am fully clothed, not smoking, not wearing sweet cowboy boots, and reading textbooks.

Got up insanely early for a Saturday today--trying to get in an ass-ton of studying done so I can take a lil time off for some fun tonight (I'll give up my social life when it's time to study for the Bar).

I got some direct-opposite-of-encouraging news from my law school career seminar yesterday. Although there were free pizza, I quickly lost my appetite once the speaker basically told me that I would not be able to find a job after school (gotta love the economy) and that I would die poor, neck-deep in debt, miserable and alone. Uplifting.

After thinking on this a little more, I decided that she could eat my ass-crack and I felt better about the whole thing. I'll just work harder and harder every day and then no one can tell me my damn business.

Later, I went home and hung out with Maxwell. We played Scrabble, watched It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia re-runs, listened to old-timey Christmas music (early, but who cares) and downed an entire bottle of birthday wine (the best kind) and chilled the f out. It was a very very good night.

Aaand break is over, back to sturdyin'!

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  1. I've always felt that telling people to eat my ass-crack is the best therapy there is.