Thursday, September 9, 2010


(Most recent picture of us. We're at the first GSU football game!)

Today marks me n' Max's 6th year anniversary. I know this is corny, but it feels like it was just yesterday when we first met. And I mean, when we met under more friendly circumstances, not like when we FIRST met for the very first time, when he was a dumb-ass freshman in high school who was mean to me for absolutely no reason that I can think of.

But, all of that is behind us now. It doesn't seem like Max and I have been together for 6 long years because he is my best friend. This is why I often forget that Max and I are even dating; everything just comes naturally between us, knaamean?

We can't do anything to celebrate tonight because I have a lot of reading to do and he has some crazy, all-day interview type thing going on, but we'll get together at some point. No worries.

Bizarro, I love you.

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  1. Best six years of my life (equally corny).

    They'll kill me.