Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Oh hello

Of course, after an extended hiatus, I WOULD start up this beast again right when finals are around the corner. Of course.

But, if you (whoever that may be) were expecting drawn-out posts, I am sorry to disappoint--I'll just be posting random tidbits per usual.

So, here's a quick list of what has been going on with me since I last checked in:
  • San Fran with Jacks
  • Chicago with Jacks
  • Max turned 23
  • Jacks moves into new apartment (jealous)
  • Jacks turned 23
  • Jacks started Med School (so proud)
  • I start my second year of law school
  • Max starts working full-time at mega-PR firm
  • Friends got married
  • Firefly 5k with Max
  • Pumpkin patch road trip with Rebecca
  • Halloweekend: I was a jack-o-lantern, a smashed pinata, a Mexican (not very PC) and Steve Jobs (too soon?)
  • I turned 25
  • Max moves into new apartment (jealous)
  • Attended my first Falcons game, had AWESOME seats (jealous?)
And there you have it. I'm sure there was more, but I have finals to study for. Duh.

Wow, looking at this list, I'd say that Max and my sister are having a pretty amazing year so far. I'm so proud and excited for them!

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