Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Red Bull gives you the runs

NOTE TO SELF: Do not drink an entire can of Red Bull before an exam, lest you want to make the exam proctor raise her eyebrow when you have to sign the bathroom check-out list for the third time within a two-and-a-half hour time span (come to think of it, I am now a little worried that people may think I was cheating...).

I don't ever drink energy drinks (and I drink coffee about once every two weeks or so), but I thought in light of the early-morning exam time and the need for a little pick-me-up, I opted for a lone Sugar-Free Red Bull that's been sitting in my fridge for months. I normally drink tea to get me going, but I didn't think it would provide the jolt that I needed. Aaaand I got my jolt alright. The pain in my stomach made me jolt out of my seat a lot more than I wanted to during such a crucial exam. Oh well.

Despite the shitty (HA!) circumstances, I think I did pretty well on my Con Law final today. YEAH!

PS: I'll try to promise that this will be last gross-post. =)

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