Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ain't no math major or nothin'...

..but someone please tell me how the following items for three people from Cafe Intermezzo on Peachtree Road adds up to a bill of $65.00?

Two iced blended coffees, one sweet tea, one curried chicked mango wrap, one spinach house salad, one teriyaki chicken over rice, and one swedish layered cake with ganache frosting = a bill of $65+...

The Award for Most Expensive Lunch of 2009 goes to (drum roll).... CAFE INTERMEZZO!

It's no wonder the place is totally hoppin'! Just take a look!

The ridiculous bill aside, it is a nice place with a great atmosphere and delicious food and drinks. I have been here multiple times, but only ever at nighttime when someone else is paying for my drink, so I guess that's why I was so taken aback by the bill.

AND we paid for parking! Sheesh, living in Buckhead is insane sometimes!

Anyways, I hope everyone else had a lovely weekend!


  1. Yeah, actually they were pretty empty when we went on my bday. They need to get with this recession and not charge $8 for an Irish Coffee.

  2. Sorry for commenting here, but I saw your comment above mine on Cupcakes&Cashmere, and just in case she doesn't respond, she uses "define-a-lash" from Maybelline. :) Just click the actual link and it will tell you all the exact products.

  3. Maybe it was because of the giant strawberries! (Or maybe it's just a really small plate.) In any case, everything looks delicious.