Tuesday, August 11, 2009


After several days of dealing with increasingly swelling eyelids, I finally decided to give the doctor a visit to get a diagnosis and medicine. It was confirmed that I have blepharitis. It's disgusting and it couldn't have come at a worse time--my LSAT evening prep classes started tonight.

On days in which I decide not to wear make-up or in this case, have insanely swollen eyelids, I wear my big crazy-lookin' grandpa glasses to cover up my face, and today was no exception. In addition to these specs, because I did not care to look cute (I was having a pretty rough day) I decided to throw on a big slouchy striped tee over some soft denim shorts and my Kelly Kapowski-inspired lace-up skimmers for class.

Because I live in a world in which awkward/embarrassing situations surround me constantly, the prep class was a sea of students wearing neat button-downs, ties, pencil skirts, clean blouses, starched slacks, etc. Everyone looked as though they had just gotten home from some sort of business financial analysis presentation while I looked like I had been sitting around feeling sick all day and just decided to throw on comfort clothes... Oh well.

Check out the Amstel Light! Since he's turned 21 he's been ordering a beer every where he goes. It's really cute, haha.

Good thing it was dark out... I was having such a crappy day and it definitely showed.

Afterward sitting in class for 3 hours looking like a 12 year old, Max picked me up and took me on over to Fat Matt's Ribshack for a nice shredded BBQ pork sandwich and iced sweet tea. I forgot all of my troubles--juvenile choices in clothing, blepharitis and all.

I hope everyone else had a better Tuesday than me!


  1. Hope your blepharitis clears up soon. I didn't notice your eyes were that swollen, so I guess the glasses were a good choice. :)

  2. Hope you had a better day and that the eye problem clears up soon!

    BTW....the puzzle we were working on was also a van Gogh one - "Cafe at Night." That would be hilarious if we were doing the same one!

    Take care,

  3. Oh.. i understand... i've got blepharitis too, is horrible, is nasty, the eyes always looks sick... i hope you get well soon!