Thursday, August 6, 2009

Happy un-birthday to you!

My boyfriend Max turned the big 2-1 two days ago on August 4th. After celebrating it at midnight with a friend to do the usual bar-outing type thing, he decided to spend his birthday night with me.

Because I'm sort of an old bird (been 21 for almost 2 years now), we took it easy by going out to LaFonda (awesome cuban chain) for drinks and dinner and then Cafe Intermezzo for more drinks and some dessert... Pretty tame stuff for a newly-turned 21 year old, I know. It's probably my fault, haha. It's okay though, he'll go out and paint the town red like a real 21 year old sometime this weekend, I'm sure.

Isn't he just handsome? He's only going to keep looking better and better--I got him the Iron Gym (among other things!) for his birthday, lol.

NOTE: Sorry for the crappy quality of the pictures. I am on my third digital camera now, so I'm not allowed to own a nice one like most other bloggers.


  1. yummy

  2. I had a great time with you on my bday! I like tame. :)