Monday, August 10, 2009

Quarter-life crisis

The other day, while browsing around Borders with Max in search of an LSAT prep book, I about lost my shit over some robot totes similar to these:

I had to try really hard to convince myself that I was way too old to be carrying around things like that (after all, I will be 23 in a couple of months), but after coming home to my bedroom, I realized that I may just be a big kid at heart. Here are some of the tell-tale signs of my pervading childishness:

In my defense, the Beanie Baby unicorn in the 5th picture was given to me by my little sister to ward off nightmares (her idea, not mine) and the fried eggs and spatula necklace in the 6th picture was also made and given to me by my little sister... She's 20 years old.

So I went back to Borders the yesterday and lo and behold, the robo-totes were gone. I am still kicking myself over it.

NOTE TO SELF: You are never too old for anything, much less an awesome robot tote, gosh darn it!

Maybe I'll just go back and pick up the awesome rainbow unicorn knapsack that I saw instead.

Do you still buy or keep kids' stuff around?


  1. Those farm animals are too goofy. By the way, don't forget to pick up your ice-cream cone necklace from my room!

  2. Well, all the global issues and political books in the pictures offer a nice contrast of your intellectual side.